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Products overview

AURA manufacturing and engineering services are cost-effective and highly recognized by our customers.

We deliver integrated solutions for highly complex projects in each of the segments where we operate. Our main objective is to fulfill our customer needs by serving them with the highest quality, cost saved service complying with the local & worldwide standards. While achieving this goal, being respectful and sensitive to the environment and taking care of our workers health and their occupational safety. As an emerging firm in the engineering industry, we have set benchmarking standards for our systems that reflect in our procured range of customized products including Skid Mounted Equipment, Dosing Systems and other products line-up.

We are currently engaged in the manufacture / fabrication of following items.

Products List

Fabricated Equipment

Tanks ( above ground / underground Diesel StorageTank, Bulk storage Tank for Chemicals, Raw Water and Treated Water Storage etc.)
Vessels ( Condensed Tank, Pressure Vessel, Sand / Carbon / Dual Media / Multigrade Filters, Softeners, Mixed Bed etc.)
Piping ( interconnecting piping including Inlet, Outlet, Drain, Overflow and Vent Pipe Spool, Frontal Piping for Filters, RO / UF Piping, Skid Piping Spool etc.)
Structural ( base frames for Skids, Ladders, Platforms, Culvert Bridges, Staircase, Handrails Gratings, Pipe Support, Cable Tray etc.)
Storage Tank Capacity - 1 m³ to 25 m³
Production - 100 metric tons per month
Tank Thickness - 0.5 inch to 14 inch

Skid Mounted Packages

LDO / HSD Storage System (Heating & Cooling System
Phase Separator Package
Pollution Control Equipment


Static Mixers
Pulsation Dampeners
Calibration Columns
Dissolving Basket
Simplex and Duplex Filters
Filtration Screen
Bought out items like Pumps, Valves, Motors, Instrument Control Panel etc.
Sub-assemblies and assemblies as per customer design


Our engineering team performs a design review, establishes the scope of work, and outlines a timetable for completion. We are guided by a world-class manufacturing culture that is focused on continual improvement, whether that is in design, quote review, or production process. We serve industries across the board, most often working on more complex applications. The following engineering services offered by us.

  • Design for manufacturability
  • An accurate quote with a detailed BOM
  • Creation of a comprehensive plan to keep projects running smoothly
  • One-on-one consulting
  • On-going engineering and production support
  • Corrosion Engineering & Failure Analysis support – Oil & Gas
Process Involved:
  • Pickling & Passivation
  • Degreasing
  • Supply of GAC With Following Technical Spec: Raw Material: Coconut Shell Charcoal